Our Boxes

Do you ever feel just too busy to go to the store every month to buy those *special* products while you're surfing the crimson wave? or, do you simply want to avoid the awkward moment with the cashier while trying to buy your monthly necessities? We understand! Not only do we send you ample amounts of necessary tampons and pads (whichever you prefer) every month, we also send you awesome goodies and treats to alleviate the pain and hassle that our periods can cause.


We want to make your box as personal as possible! To do this, we have a special survey to start the process so that we can get to know you as much as possible. we promise that we will use the information to carefully select only the best materials for your tastes and we also promise to never share anything that you fill out. We also make sure to change up the boxes every month to keep you excited. 

to make it even better, all of our proceeds go toward women empowerment causes! your money is going toward helping women experiencing homelessness get the sanitary products that they need.

Get started today! you won't regret it. you will start by taking our survey, which will guide you through the whole process. once you finish, your only job is to relax and let us pamper you while you are surfing the crimson wave. enjoy!

this month, our box includes:

-the essentials! (either ample amounts of pads or tampons, depending on what you indicate)

-amazing beauty products, such as face masks, perfume, and/or lotions!

-delicious goodies: your favorite chocolates, candies, and more!

-other secret surprises! order your box today to find out what else could be in your box!